Revealing barriers…

Reveal Vision


The only person stopping me… is ME!

It’s raining outside but something has finally soaked into me.

I am very good at starting new projects, getting swept away with new ideas and opening myself to an assault of inspiration.  Where i fall down – is follow-through, completing, producing and simply, doing.


Self-erected barriers…

Belief in perfection…

Fear of exposure and judgement…

Maybe even fear of greatness?

Yet… this is my year to reveal.

This morning i sat down to create my vision board (part of my One Little Word project), it was a battle of “will this be good enough?”, “am i ruining it by using the wrong tools?’, “why is it not giving me the wow that i want?”.

That perfect image, the one that is displayed in my head and hiding in my heart, is blocked by these self-imposed bars, keeping my creativity caged.

But it doesn’t need to be good.  It doesn’t need to be perfect or wow.  It just needs to get out!  I need to let it reveal itself – myself.  I need to be open in and to the process.

All to often, I forget, that it is the journey… the process… the doing… that matters.

Life is not a destination.

No one else’s work would be the same as what evolves and eminates from my heart and hands, because it is infected with my strengths, talents and experiences.

What i think

What i write

What i create

Are unique and my creations (writings and art) are one and only (just like me).

Works of art are often messy and in that, is where their beauty is birthed. It is a labour, but it is one of love and delight.

So when you want to stop… Don’t!

Keep going, keep creating, keep doing…

Ira Glass, American radio personality reminded me of this in this video 


Image credit - One Little Word Vision Board - Reveal
Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson Feb 2015

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