Minimalism and Me

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At the beginning of the year, I met Minimalism…

Today, “do I need this?” and “does this ‘thing’ add value to my life ?” are regular and continuing questions I ask myself.

Last night I attended an event by The Minimalists touring the world with their book – Everything That Remains.  The venue was packed and within it were a wide and varied range of people.







All ages and backgrounds….

Listening to Ryan and Joshua share their story.  The benefits of finding your own minimalist recipe and style… resonated in the room.  For some it may just result in clearing a little clutter… for others it will become a drastic life change.

In my own life, in just the short time since I found minimalism (or since it found me), there has been a massive change in my mind.  A very simple questioning that strips away the excess to the core of things… the value of things.  The difference between WANT and NEED.

I want to remove the excess, the unnecessary, to find my joy, my passion, and some time to explore it.

Its a fantastic community that The Minimalists have introduced me to and my life is better for it.

I love the way that Joshua and Ryan have minimalised minimalism to 5 dimensions that stack beautifully together in a simple but elegant bundle.

Health – if you don’t have it, nothing else matters and money certainly can’t buy it.

Relationships – we need people in our lives but it needs to be the right people, the ones that lift, nurture, empower and love us.

Passion – minimalism cuts away the excess to allow you to find it, allows you to focus on it.

Growth – “if you are not growing, you are dying” – Anthony Robbins

Contribution – the best payback you get is when you pay it forward and it is priceless.

Everything That Remains - When you strip away the excess, the unnecessary and the old “stuff” (things/thoughts/beliefs/etc) that no longer serves you. When you live with passion and contribute to others… you can’t help but to grow… and to live meaningfully.

So take a step back, look and ask yourself….Does this add value to my life?

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Photo Credits (Top and Bottom) - Ryan McGuire of Bells Design - Gratisography



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