for the Why of it?


“Why?’ my son asks…

“Because of this…” I say or “Because of that…”

But why we do things is the most important thing… it is the heart of the matter.

It makes us feel good.

It helps us understand.

It is the lesson.

Children are great reminders to consider, why we think what we think.  There is great responsibility in teaching them how to think for themselves.  Not to blindly accept what is told but to constantly question.  To be open to learning new ways and to replace outdated beliefs.

To learn… if you don’t know.

To ask… if you are unsure.

To search….for the why.

One of the many things I love about my father, is that he was (and still is) always a wealth of knowledge.  Life experience.  Considerations.  When I was growing up, I loved the deep and meaningful discussions (and still do).  Now I see this spreading to the next generation, his grandchildren.  I hope they get the same enjoyment.  I can see that my father does, and he has another 20 odd years of experience, thoughts and considerations to share with them. And now I am a parent, there is another dimension to what he can share with me.

I am really looking forward to the next opportunity I get to answer…

“Mummy, Why…?”


photo credit: Gratisography - Ryan McGuire Bells Design

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