57H-2 Gratisography

I got side tracked

That’s the difficult thing about searching… it is easy to go off on tangents, to try new things.  Then realise that they are not leading you to where you wanted to go but distracting you from it.

It is necessary though… how else to you stumble upon the gems, have the previously unthought ideas, find new connections.

It all comes back to the questions you ask yourself

(and you need to ask them regularly).

Does this add value to my life?

Is this taking me where I want to go?

What is my gut feeling on this?

Look around you… do these people uplift you (or drag you down)?

Are you distracted?

Our lives are so busy, so many demands but it is necessary to stop regularly and reassess.



De-clutter inside and out.

Just Pause….


Photo credit : Gratisography; Ryan McGuire Bells Design



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