2015 – Reveal

Reveal for mindcycle

The new year has started, and I was launched into a blur of activity and an abundance of ideas and inspiration cycling in my mind.

Instead of resolutions, I have intentions focused around one little word – Reveal.

I stumbled across Ali Edwards and One Little Word… then the word found me.

I know words have power but this word has opened pandora’s box, lifted veils and evaporated barriers… and it has only just started with me.

I am ready and open for what is to be revealed.

At a recent meeting of like-minded souls, I shared my word and asked the group for theirs…






These single little words; harmless, even simple when written on this page, but when spoken with an open heard and mind… told a story and held such power for that person.  I don’t think it’s possible to own a word, yet when these ladies spoke their word aloud, they became theirs.

Mindcycle Reveal

This is my word… what is yours?


Photo Credit - Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson.  Top image features a mandala design from Find Your Word by Susannah Conway