Oh Baby! What a life changer…

pregnant meYesterday I became an aunty!

This life event has taken me back to my recent past… when I became a mother.

Nothing in life can prepare you for this role…until you are it.

Nothing in life can prepare you for this experience… until you are in the middle of it.

Everyday is a lesson and these tiny little people turn your life upside down.  You are forever changed and nothing is ever the same again…

But you are the strangely the same person, you always were.

Their little footprints are imprinted on your soul, their names tattooed on your heart and their smiles light up your life.


You get puked on, pee’d on and poo’d on, tortured with sleepless nights and assaulted with screams and cries…

But this is a miniscule  price to pay for even one little snuggle with your beautiful tiny human.

And try as you might to prepare another for the experience…. it is all their own.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve learnt.

I look forward to seeing how you change.

I look forward to seeing my niece grow into the little person she was born to be.