Connecting all my dots…


My life is filled with new dots!

The dots are people and ideas, and everyday there are more.  Connecting these dots leads to an intricate web of connectedness.

Will I become a dot for someone else?

Will what i have to say, resonate with new people?  Will it touch someone? Will i be a connection, a link?

The World Wide Web and Social Media now give us visibility on these connections and encourages many many more.  We are captured in this web.  But it stretches further than we can imagine.  I love the visibility we now have.  We can find a new dot with a click, a flick , a like, a share, a tweet, a pin or a post!

I am caught in this web.

My dots connect me to people and ideas of not just wanting to exist, but to live!  And live meaningfully…

Everyday my eyes are being opened to new ideas, new ways, new people, new friends.  People pursuing what they love.  People living passionately. Breaking the moulds that restrict us.  Reminding me that anything is possible.

I want to dance amongst the dots… Tangle myself in a web of people that will support me and show me new ways. A community of dots, that breeds more dots and more connections.

Yes, i do sound a little dotty!  but it makes me feel less alone and given the sheer number of dots in the world, i know there will be dots that stick, that resonate.

Dots that make a spot in my life that cannot be removed.

Others may just be stepping stones….

Here i am making a dot on a page….will you connect with it?


photo credit - Keith Peters - Dots 2.