Blank Page

Blank Page

Photo Credit - Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson 2014

Dear Blank Page,

You are unblemished by word or thought.

So full of potential and creative promise…

Blank Page, how can you ask so many questions?

Once I commit…. once I make my first mark, I must continue…. I cannot let a small mark be the only vandalism of your clean, smooth space.  But can that small mark become something great?  Something worthy of your sacrifice, as you will be defaced and changed forever?  You make me feel uncomfortable, as i know i must open myself up, be vulnerable for the words to come pouring out…

I cannot promise greatness will fill your page.  I can only guarantee that you are extremely important and what you are giving up, will not be in vain.

It will be so many things….

Therapy – giving me a place to lay out my thoughts and clear my mind.

Opportunity – giving me countless chances to see what i can create.

Connection – a way to communicate my thoughts and share my mind cycles.

Memory Keeping – you will hold my memories clear, in black and white even when my mind tries to muddle them. 

Record – you will document my journey, for others who may want to follow or just for me to map the distance i have come.

Accountability – on your page, i will be accountable for ensuring your sacrifice amounts to something, as my words and thoughts will be indelibly etched.

Honesty – you will show it as it is, and as it was at that moment in time.

Blank Page, I hope to make you proud to hold my words, thoughts, ideas and dreams.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.  I am looking forward to where our shared endeavour leads us.



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