About me

I woke up one night with my mind cycling.  Thoughts whizzing round and round in my head, like a washing machine on the spin cycle.

This is when MindCycle was conceived.

About me

I’m sure I am not alone. There must be others out there that are experiencing the same things. Stuck in the same cycles. I wanted a way to reach out, to share my mind’s messy muddle and how i manage it and make sense of it (most of the time).  Maybe this will be my anchor, holding me fast when i feel spun out of control by giving me a community and outlet….


Changing my mind is changing my life.


MindCycle is my attempt to:

  • Put myself out there… be open..be vulnerable… be an example…
  • To reach people and touch lives or just touch one moment in someone’s  busy life.
  • To make a difference (no matter how small).
  • Be a reminder that we are all battling with our own inner demons but we have so much in common, and most importantly, we are not alone.
  • Show the difference  a supportive community makes.
  • While continuing to have fun, laugh and smile.


Who I am?

Mostly i am still figuring it out and it’s changing.  I am many things; a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, a woman, a business professional to name a few, now i can add writer too!

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and beautiful children.  I spend most of my time (at the moment) other than enjoying life with my family and friends, working as a Key Account Manager for a global diagnostics company, trying to make improvements in healthcare possible.

I am looking for more things that bring value to my life.

I realised recently, what i enjoy the most in my job is working with people.  Helping them with their problems or just simply listening.  Maybe one of my posts will help you feel not so alone, able to speak up for help and support, or even just smile for a minute.

I’m not sure where this journey will leave me… but i’m excited by the possibilities.

This is where i am starting…

Thank you for taking the time to visit MindCycle.


Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson

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