Revealing barriers…

Reveal Vision


The only person stopping me… is ME!

It’s raining outside but something has finally soaked into me.

I am very good at starting new projects, getting swept away with new ideas and opening myself to an assault of inspiration.  Where i fall down – is follow-through, completing, producing and simply, doing.


Self-erected barriers…

Belief in perfection…

Fear of exposure and judgement…

Maybe even fear of greatness?

Yet… this is my year to reveal.

This morning i sat down to create my vision board (part of my One Little Word project), it was a battle of “will this be good enough?”, “am i ruining it by using the wrong tools?’, “why is it not giving me the wow that i want?”.

That perfect image, the one that is displayed in my head and hiding in my heart, is blocked by these self-imposed bars, keeping my creativity caged.

But it doesn’t need to be good.  It doesn’t need to be perfect or wow.  It just needs to get out!  I need to let it reveal itself – myself.  I need to be open in and to the process.

All to often, I forget, that it is the journey… the process… the doing… that matters.

Life is not a destination.

No one else’s work would be the same as what evolves and eminates from my heart and hands, because it is infected with my strengths, talents and experiences.

What i think

What i write

What i create

Are unique and my creations (writings and art) are one and only (just like me).

Works of art are often messy and in that, is where their beauty is birthed. It is a labour, but it is one of love and delight.

So when you want to stop… Don’t!

Keep going, keep creating, keep doing…

Ira Glass, American radio personality reminded me of this in this video 


Image credit - One Little Word Vision Board - Reveal
Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson Feb 2015

2015 – Reveal

Reveal for mindcycle

The new year has started, and I was launched into a blur of activity and an abundance of ideas and inspiration cycling in my mind.

Instead of resolutions, I have intentions focused around one little word – Reveal.

I stumbled across Ali Edwards and One Little Word… then the word found me.

I know words have power but this word has opened pandora’s box, lifted veils and evaporated barriers… and it has only just started with me.

I am ready and open for what is to be revealed.

At a recent meeting of like-minded souls, I shared my word and asked the group for theirs…






These single little words; harmless, even simple when written on this page, but when spoken with an open heard and mind… told a story and held such power for that person.  I don’t think it’s possible to own a word, yet when these ladies spoke their word aloud, they became theirs.

Mindcycle Reveal

This is my word… what is yours?


Photo Credit - Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson.  Top image features a mandala design from Find Your Word by Susannah Conway

Consumed by Christmas

consuming christmas


Christmas has been consumed!

Consumerism has sucked the life out of Christmas.  Everywhere you look… they use our desire to give, to increase profits.

And sadly, it works – very effectively.


We buy so many things we don’t need at the best of times but this time of year it is explodes!  - Christmas Chaos. Using money we don’t have, we fill our bags and trolleys with things that are devoid of meaning… sometimes, even for people we do not like.

I haven’t felt the Christmas spirit much in the last 20 years.  The joy I recall as a child, has faded to a ghost of a memory.  We moved to Australia 25 years ago, yesterday, and since then it has never felt right.  Christmas for me needs to be cold and, if you are lucky, white with snow and filled with family.  There was just the four of us here, no other family around. No cold, no snow, just oppressive Queensland heat and humidity.  But it wasn’t just the climate, I don’t blame Australia (I love seeing the sun nearly everyday and the ‘no worries’ attitude of the people here).

It may have been the massive change in my life – being on the other side of the world.

Maybe due to my age as well – Santa and his special magic had been exposed and with it a part of my childhood, corrupted by this well-meaning lie.

We stopped celebrating Christmas with presents, because it got too hard.  Dad never wanted anything and the rest of us impulse purchased for the other 11 months, so there was never much left wanted at Christmas.

And if you didn’t want it… it wasn’t worth having.

In the last few years, Christmas has changed again… I have children now and I want them to create memories that they will remember.  I want to see their little faces filled with excitement as they rip through the wrapping into the unknown.  I want fun and laughter to fill our home.  I want them to enjoy the magic of Santa Claus.

This desire has lead me to missing the point again…

I have bought them things… too many things.

It hit me like a tidal wave – raging, overwhelming, foamy questions, pulling the sand beneath my feet, and knocking me over…

I can’t buy value to put in their lives.

And I certainly won’t find it at the shopping mall.

I have to teach it.

I have to show it.

I have to build it.

Most importantly, I need to learn it again (or is it actually for the first time?), myself.

Christmas has consumed me…. it has chewed me up…  and yet it is still ten days away…

The beauty of this realisation is that  - I still have time to give my family the Christmas I would like them to remember, but it won’t be found or bought at the shops.


Photo credit - Spot the difference - Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson 2014

The best teachers are those who show you where to look,

But don’t tell you what to see…”

Alexandra K.Trenfor

for the Why of it?


“Why?’ my son asks…

“Because of this…” I say or “Because of that…”

But why we do things is the most important thing… it is the heart of the matter.

It makes us feel good.

It helps us understand.

It is the lesson.

Children are great reminders to consider, why we think what we think.  There is great responsibility in teaching them how to think for themselves.  Not to blindly accept what is told but to constantly question.  To be open to learning new ways and to replace outdated beliefs.

To learn… if you don’t know.

To ask… if you are unsure.

To search….for the why.

One of the many things I love about my father, is that he was (and still is) always a wealth of knowledge.  Life experience.  Considerations.  When I was growing up, I loved the deep and meaningful discussions (and still do).  Now I see this spreading to the next generation, his grandchildren.  I hope they get the same enjoyment.  I can see that my father does, and he has another 20 odd years of experience, thoughts and considerations to share with them. And now I am a parent, there is another dimension to what he can share with me.

I am really looking forward to the next opportunity I get to answer…

“Mummy, Why…?”


photo credit: Gratisography - Ryan McGuire Bells Design

Start…where you are right now! Don’t wait until you are ready.  Like tomorrow, ready never comes…


57H-2 Gratisography

I got side tracked

That’s the difficult thing about searching… it is easy to go off on tangents, to try new things.  Then realise that they are not leading you to where you wanted to go but distracting you from it.

It is necessary though… how else to you stumble upon the gems, have the previously unthought ideas, find new connections.

It all comes back to the questions you ask yourself

(and you need to ask them regularly).

Does this add value to my life?

Is this taking me where I want to go?

What is my gut feeling on this?

Look around you… do these people uplift you (or drag you down)?

Are you distracted?

Our lives are so busy, so many demands but it is necessary to stop regularly and reassess.



De-clutter inside and out.

Just Pause….


Photo credit : Gratisography; Ryan McGuire Bells Design



Minimalism and Me

49H Gratisography

At the beginning of the year, I met Minimalism…

Today, “do I need this?” and “does this ‘thing’ add value to my life ?” are regular and continuing questions I ask myself.

Last night I attended an event by The Minimalists touring the world with their book – Everything That Remains.  The venue was packed and within it were a wide and varied range of people.







All ages and backgrounds….

Listening to Ryan and Joshua share their story.  The benefits of finding your own minimalist recipe and style… resonated in the room.  For some it may just result in clearing a little clutter… for others it will become a drastic life change.

In my own life, in just the short time since I found minimalism (or since it found me), there has been a massive change in my mind.  A very simple questioning that strips away the excess to the core of things… the value of things.  The difference between WANT and NEED.

I want to remove the excess, the unnecessary, to find my joy, my passion, and some time to explore it.

Its a fantastic community that The Minimalists have introduced me to and my life is better for it.

I love the way that Joshua and Ryan have minimalised minimalism to 5 dimensions that stack beautifully together in a simple but elegant bundle.

Health – if you don’t have it, nothing else matters and money certainly can’t buy it.

Relationships – we need people in our lives but it needs to be the right people, the ones that lift, nurture, empower and love us.

Passion – minimalism cuts away the excess to allow you to find it, allows you to focus on it.

Growth – “if you are not growing, you are dying” – Anthony Robbins

Contribution – the best payback you get is when you pay it forward and it is priceless.

Everything That Remains - When you strip away the excess, the unnecessary and the old “stuff” (things/thoughts/beliefs/etc) that no longer serves you. When you live with passion and contribute to others… you can’t help but to grow… and to live meaningfully.

So take a step back, look and ask yourself….Does this add value to my life?

85H Gratisography copy

Photo Credits (Top and Bottom) - Ryan McGuire of Bells Design - Gratisography



Oh Baby! What a life changer…

pregnant meYesterday I became an aunty!

This life event has taken me back to my recent past… when I became a mother.

Nothing in life can prepare you for this role…until you are it.

Nothing in life can prepare you for this experience… until you are in the middle of it.

Everyday is a lesson and these tiny little people turn your life upside down.  You are forever changed and nothing is ever the same again…

But you are the strangely the same person, you always were.

Their little footprints are imprinted on your soul, their names tattooed on your heart and their smiles light up your life.


You get puked on, pee’d on and poo’d on, tortured with sleepless nights and assaulted with screams and cries…

But this is a miniscule  price to pay for even one little snuggle with your beautiful tiny human.

And try as you might to prepare another for the experience…. it is all their own.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve learnt.

I look forward to seeing how you change.

I look forward to seeing my niece grow into the little person she was born to be.

Pieces of me

Pieces of Me

I bought this painting at a street market in Prague… what seems like a million years ago now, in a life very different to where I am today.  You can see the artists signature but sadly I don’t know who they are to give them credit and thank them.

I loved this from the moment that I laid eyes on it.

It means more to me today…. It is a great representation of how I see myself.

So many small parts make up my whole.  Collected over my life, some gifts, some hidden gems, some that hurt, some that grew slowly, some that were stumbled upon. Arranged and connected like a jigsaw, mosaic or patchwork quilt.

The changing outside influences and events also colour  and effect the inside. How we react to changes, to growth, to painful stimuli.

I find it is so beautiful because it is vulnerable and open. Lowering of the veils and masks we hide behind. Showing the seams and cracks…the beautiful collection of pieces.

Kintsukuroi is the japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold, highlighting the seams and the flaws. These breaks and repairs highlight the objects history, these golden seams make it more beautiful.  It survived a tragic event and with help, has reformed into something else, yet essentially the same.

Some of my seams are gold, where care has been taken to mend them, to bind them.  Others are rough, slapped together  - with tape, glue , silicone (my husbands favourite fixative for home repair) or bad sewing – big uneven, untidy seams with mismatched tread, as parts are hastily sewn together.  There are even some holes, waiting for new patchwork colours… New ideas…New experiences.

Its a constant kaleidoscope of changing parts and colours… that make up me.

As I grow

As I experience

As I change

As I find deeper parts of myself

This picture reminds me we are more than a sum of our parts and we can rearrange and recreate ourselves.

What makes up you?


Photo credit - Laura Arrowsmith-Hudson  "pieces of me" 2014